Insurance Services

Aviso’s insurance services provide a full range of solutions to meet the personal and business insurance needs of clients, featuring products from Canada’s top insurance carriers.

Our experienced team can help define an insurance distribution and growth strategy, identify supporting tactics and assist through planning, consultation, training, and specialist support.

Our suite of services includes cutting-edge technology, efficient back-office operations, sales and marketing consultation, and access to a team of insurance industry experts – all designed to help achieve insurance revenue growth year over year.

Aviso offers insurance services through Credential Insurance Services Inc.

Revenue Protection

With Aviso, your business is fully vested with your firm. That means your clients, their data, and their future business potential all remain with you.

Optimal Payout with Competitive Rates

With competitive rates negotiated on your behalf based on the aggregate volume of our partners’ business, you get prime payouts with the top insurance companies in Canada.

Employed Advisor Program

We provide you with the flexibility to structure your insurance offering in a way that works for you.

Integrate insurance into your business without having to set up an insurance subsidiary, with our Employed Advisor program. For more than 25 years, we’ve enabled firms to deliver a robust insurance offering regardless of their size, infrastructure or experience, using turnkey solutions that handle nearly all the administration.

Business Development