Investment dealer services

Empowering Canadians to achieve their financial goals

Empowering Canadians to achieve their financial goals

Our wealth ecosystem is built on a strong, reliable, sustainable, and modern foundation that offers scalable dealer services to our credit union partners, so they in turn can deliver comprehensive financial advice to their members.

We provide credit union advisors with the technology, tools and support they need to succeed in a highly competitive industry, allowing them to work efficiently, offer comprehensive wealth solutions and focus on their relationships with clients.

Empowering Canadians to achieve their financial goals

Full-service investment dealer

As a trusted partner for nearly all credit unions across Canada, Aviso has over two decades of experience helping Canadian financial institutions meet the diverse needs of investors with a full range of equities, fixed income instruments, mutual funds, and more.

Credit union members seeking a one-on-one relationship and advice from a professional gain access to:

  • Comprehensive financial and investment planning
  • Ongoing relationship with knowledgeable advice and support
  • Specialized expertise in tax and estate planning
  • Support for high-net-worth clients with more complex needs that require a higher level of planning and advice

Mutual fund investment dealer

We help partners compete effectively in the retail wealth management space with access to a wide range of mutual funds, wrap programs and GICs, as well as in-depth proprietary research and targeted product strategy.

Investors have a broad choice of standalone funds and multi-asset portfolios. NEI Private Portfolios, designed exclusively for Aviso credit union partners, include a suite of portfolios with advanced portfolio construction, active asset allocation strategies and best-in-class portfolio managers from around the world. Each manager within the NEI Private Portfolios is a strong proponent of responsible investment approaches and integrates ESG considerations into their investment decision making process.

We are currently working with the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO) to complete our application to become a dually licensed dealer. This will bring together our two dealers (Credential Asset Management Inc. and Credential Securities), under one name — Aviso Financial Inc. (trade name Aviso Wealth). The proposed dealer merge will help optimize processes by working under a unified dealer platform. The resulting rebrand will help simplify Aviso Wealth’s brand presence in the marketplace, and position us for success through a new, stronger, consolidated brand for wealth management in the credit union system. 

A broad fee-based offering

Aviso’s wealth offering includes innovative, high-quality solutions.

Fee-based options

Aviso offers fee-based options for investors, which include active portfolio management and regular account maintenance, along with retirement and estate planning. Our fee-based programs provide access to portfolio models, specialty funds and enhanced research options, along with comprehensive reporting on accounts.

Discretionary and Managed accounts

Aviso provides discretionary and fee-based solutions for high net worth clients and families, endowments, foundations, and corporations, with investors gaining access to comprehensive and competitive investment solutions managed by pension-calibre investment managers.