At Aviso, we take great care in protecting assets that matter most – yours. That’s why we implement many security measures to help ensure the integrity of your transactions and your financial and account information.

Encryption technology: We offer both web-based and PC-based encryption technologies to help maximize your protection from online fraud. This encryption meets industry standards to ensure the protection of personal and financial information that you entrust to us.

Two-Factor Authentication: An extra layer of security that requires two distinct forms of identification to access your account. Once set up, you can enable trusted devices so any login from another device will trigger an alert and require approval to proceed, giving you better protection against cybercriminals and unauthorized account access, even if someone has your password.

Inactivity logout: Our system automatically logs you off after an extended period of inactivity, reducing the risk that others could access your information.

Secure firewalls: Our systems are protected behind secure firewalls to prevent any unauthorized access.

Systems monitoring: We monitor our systems to ensure that you have timely, secure access to your account and to quickly identify unusual activity.

Restricted access: We restrict access to systems containing customer data, and we monitor system access continuously. Your information is backed up to secure secondary locations to minimize the impact of data loss.